Laura Polley  –  Founder + CEO

Laura Polley created the Body Blitz brand after a trip to the famous spa town of Baden-Baden. As an entrepreneur, she saw an opportunity to take the concept of health by waters to Toronto.

Complementing the therapeutic waters and replenishing body treatments, Body Blitz Spa designed its own line of skin care treatments for the body. As a natural extension, Blitz Facial Bar was created to provide skin care treatments for the face.

Providing leadership and vision, Laura is integral to the operations of her companies. With her financial expertise and business savvy, Laura has many accomplishments: but her greatest achievement is that she employs over 100 women.

Rena Polley  –  Founder

Rena Polley played a crucial role in the creation and development of the Body Blitz brand. From standing beside Laura, both wearing construction hats, while machines worked to dig pools in the first Body Blitz Spa, to experimenting with different aromas for our treatments, working alongside Laura and Tina in the development of Blitz Facial Bar, and building the Body Blitz brand.

Rena’s creativity is the perfect balance to Laura’s financial brain and entrepreneur nature. Together, these trailblazers created the highly-respected Blitz brand. 

Tina Griffin  –  Director

Tina Griffin, Director of Blitz Facial Bar, is our resident skin care professional. She has worked in the beauty and wellness industry for over two decades, with a focus on skin therapy, and aestheticians’ education and curriculum development.

Tina’s extensive knowledge of the spa industry, facial treatments and skin care was instrumental in the formulation of Blitz Facial Bar’s services and products.

Today, Tina’s focus is on aesthetician training, skin care education, and the ever-expanding development of Blitz Facial Bar services and Blitz Skin Care products. Tina is the author of the “Ask Our Expert” page featured on our website.